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Prabhat Ranjan (1970147) covered in media

An innovative scientist from Bihar, Prof. Prabhat Ranjan, currently a teacher in the Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information and Communication Technology, Gandhinagar, Gujarat is yearning for serving his home state. A resident of remote village in Darbhanga district, he is moving from pillar to post with his new discoveries!

See more details here:


Dr Ajay Kumar Jee (1960365) given life time achievement award

Dr.Ajay Kumar has become the first Doctor from Bihar to receive Life Time Achievement Award given by Indian Medical Association during the 86th All India Medical Conference held at Bangalore on 27th December, 2011. Dr. Ajay Kumar, past president of IMA and member of Council of Medical Association was present in the conference when his name was announced.

Read more at :


अरसे बाद पटना में दिखे वशिष्ठ बाबू !


Shashank ( 1997740) involved in helping farmers in Bihar

A degree from IIT was the big ticket of Shashank Kumar and Manish Kumar to white collar jobs. But instead of chasing corporate dreams, the two youngsters are dirtying their hands in the fields of Bihar, providing solutions to farmers and trying to bridge the gap between buyers and growers.

Read more at :

Last Updated (Friday, 04 November 2011 23:15)


Defeating Naxalite: Ways And Means To Defeat Naxalism by Uday Kumar (1986180)

Naxalism is an agrarian and social problem. It has changed its color in course of time. The famous Naxal leader of 1970 has said that contemporary naxalism degenrate into social terrorism. Naxalism will melt with the time due to positive policies of the government. The modern day's insurgent can be tamed through various methods. Inside the book, reader will find that naxalism can be defeated with both military and non military ways.


Second batch hatians visit to netarhat

Narendra Bhagat Jee(1955107) along with his batch-mates from 1955 entry year visited Netarhat recently. He has captures his and others experiences through writing his his blog :

Last Updated (Friday, 21 October 2011 08:45)

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